The mega caravan, which has passed into literature as the largest caravan in the world in its category, was introduced with the press conference held in Bodrum city. While domestic car production was on the agenda, the vehicle, which was produced entirely in Turkey and will be exported abroad, was manufactured by the project construction company with 100% Turkish workmanship.
Bodrum City Mayor Ahmet ARAS, Bodrum City Maritime Chamber of Commerce President Orhan DINÇ and foreign domestic guests, as well as many members of the press participated in the press conference which was held at the presentation of Gökhan Sen, the director of the project construction company. 
The caravan, built on a 13.60 meter long trailer, is expanded by the pair and reaches 105 m2 net usage area and 10 meters width. The vehicle, carried by a truck tow truck, achieved the title of the world's most widely used caravan in its category.

The Mega caravan has 4 separate bedrooms and a large lounge with American cuisine. Apart from the bedrooms and halls there are 2 separate bathrooms and 2 toilets and 1 laundry room and a pantry.  In addition to all these, the mega caravan, which has a 15 m2 verandah entered through a glass balcony at the front, has hot water equipment and 5 separate air conditioners and heating and cooling units.  The Mega trailer can be turned on and off in about half an hour.

In a statement, project construction firm Gökhan Sen said there were requests for the vehicle, which will be exported to Bulgaria and Greece in the first place, in different versions such as mobile hospitals and clinics as well as mobile command centres. Stating that this vehicle is an important first for the Turkish automotive sector, Sen stated that they met with intense interest from a very wide geography starting from Europe and the Arabian Peninsula to the United States and that this mega caravan would be a different locomotive from the Turkish automotive sector.