Professor Dr. Ahmet Mete işıkara continued to work with the music academician and artist Gökhan şen, who has been recognized in the field of children's education music, for nearly a year and was the first in the world.

Prof. Işıkara and Gökhan şen led the meeting by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Department of Education. The artist who wanted to prepare the first earthquake education musical in the world believed in Gökhan şen and gave support to the earthquake Dede Işıkara and transferred all his accumulated information before he died.

A mobile simulator truck with a giant video screen has been created by adding an electronic earthquake simulator to this video-audio production. The stage in question is organized in the busiest squares of the cities and the public is raising awareness about earthquake preparedness. All day long special sound system, training music is published, educational video clip shows are performed, VCD distribution and earthquake simulator by making the public seismic earthquake applications are carried out.