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Mobil hospital will be produced in accordance with contract specifications and international standards at Project construction factories in Bodrum and Ankara in 20 weeks. Project Construction Ltd. provides a 2-year warranty against rusting and failure of the trailer. In addition, all technical equipment guarantees from the manufacturer will be transferred to the customer.

Special purpose trailer manufacturing: mobile hospital Mobile Clinic field hospitals

Mobile hospital trailers may consist of one trailer, or they are produced as a complex where several trailers are combined.

Our company prepares and manufactures" mobile hospital" projects to many countries and international organizations, especially in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

We can produce the mobile hospital trailer as empty, or we can produce all the medical equipment that is placed.

For our "emergency mobile response and First Aid train" solutions by combining several units in a single trailer instead of a complex mobile hospital, please get free information about the project and consultation.

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A truck based hospitals plus beds to form a 20 beds maternity hospital as an extension to a field
mobile surgical hospital. The units can be used to provide Interprehensive Emergency Obstetric
and Neonatal Care (CEmONC). The offer should include consumables, equipment and
instruments for about 1,000 C-sections and 2,000 normal deliveries.
Each maternity hospital must have 1 Operation theatre and be able to perform at least 5 C-sections
daily with at least 20 additional beds and be able to function 24 hours per day, seven days per
week (24/7).
The system should be self-supporting including trucks, trailer, diesel tanks, Kitchener,
sterilization, generators, water supply, medicines, consumables, equipment, instruments, etc.
Other supporting materials will be supplied from the general area hospital.
the hospital will be affiliated and therefore does not have to be involved in this tender.
1-key services that the hospital can provide:

The use of birth control pills for pregnant women and women.

Help with regular deliveries, including those with complications.

Obstetric surgery for complicated births (comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn)

Overall capacity must be at a minimum standard as articulated in the technical minimum
standard sections below.

Advanced life support

General and spinal anesthesia and sterilization

Rehabilitation services and follow-up monitoring

Minimum technical standards per service

Initial evaluation and triage surgery triage

Resuscitation, advanced life support and Airway Management

Patient stabilization and referral

Shipment acceptance, advanced stabilization and shipment

Reproductive health in patient care

Emergency obstetric maintenance comprehensive emergency obstetric maintenance

Rehabilitation and lay-in or referral services.

Drug supply and outpatient treatment including surgery and anesthetics.

Full surgical autoclave with sterilization traceability

Portable ultrasound with two probes

Bed capacity of at least 20 beds. 5 C-sections per day.
2 - Supporting Services:
All necessary supporting services should be delivered with the field maternity, this includes:

Power supply – continuous independent Power supply

HVAC system

Clean and waste water treatment system

Water storage


Waste management system
3 - Terms and conditions:
General Conditions:

Bider to describe early possible delivery period to Iraq.

Installation, set up and commissioning by the supplier at three sites in Iraq. Cost to be indexed

On-site training of logistics staff on how to pack and unpack the hospital should be included.

Bider to provide contact details of his partner(s) in Iraq who will provide technical support and
on-site training to the field hospital staff.

Provision of spare parts for all systems (medical devices, supporting services, structure of field)
hospital, etc....) for an operation period of 12 months . 

Bider to list his past experience where similar field hospital / solutions have been used in other
The structure of the Maternity hospital:
Mandatory Requirements (100)%)

The bider shall provide detailed specifications of the structure of the maternity hospital.

Design layout should be submitted along with the bid.

Functional Guaranant for operation in humid and dusty environment similar to central Iraq, where
temperature may be as high as 55°C in summer, with very cold winter nights. Designed to operate
in hot and cool zone.

Heavy duty construction of structure with superior quality material.

Installation, set up and commissioning by the supplier.

On-site training for beneficiaries

Two years warrantty for all systems.
Health services / units of the maternity hospital:
Mandatory Requirements (100)%)

All offered medical devices should be quality assurance certified (CE, FDA, etc.)) ensuring
issues of safety and quality of offered devices.

Suppliers to provide complete operational solution for the proposed health services.

Testing of full specification with clusters and technical data for each medical device.
Enclosed list of medical devices is meant to provide general listing but not necessary a complete
and detailed list of medical devices for the required services.

Installation, set up and commissioning by the supplier.

Suppliers to provision of needed consumables, reagents, suppliers in participatory laboratory,
radiological materials and raw materials that ensure the work of field hospital for a period of 12
months from the date of installation and commissioning.

All user and service manuals in English language.

Precision of three pin UK type plug.

Two years warrantty for all medical devices and systems.