For nearly 30 years we have been renting selection buses, selection trucks, mobile LED display vehicles and special production propaganda vehicles all over Turkey and around the world in our selection and advertisement promotion vehicles manufacturing factories based in Muğla. 

Selection buses are definitely 2nd in our production. El material is not used. All of our selection tools use self-amplifier (active) latest model imported speakers. Therefore, during a rally or vocalization, all the speakers on the vehicle operate independently of each other. For example, in a car with 12 speakers, if one fails, the other 11 will continue to perform. For each of the 11 speakers, there are 11 independent amplifier. We don't use cumbersome and single-centred anfis in the old system vehicle.

Selection trucks our production workshop designs and manufactures the most special mobile stage trucks in Turkey and in the world. From mega stage trailers to single-sided and double-sided mobile stage trailers and double-solid stage trailers, we are putting together the most special projects. 

Our company is the first and only project licensed vehicle manufacturer in Turkey on mobile LED display vehicles. Our mobile LED screen vehicles carry the candidate's image, voice and messages 24/7 in every neighborhood and every occurrence. Our mobile LED-display camnets, the first in Turkish politics, have achieved 100% victory in each election campaign and have broken a record in the electoral tools category.  We rent our vehicles to all parts of Turkey and the world...