Our productions are circulating in the streets in many countries of the world after Turkey and captivating people...  Below you can review the specifications and photos that have been modified in the Mercedes bus 0403. The floor of the vehicle is made of non-embossed glass sea view. The real sea creatures were planted in it. In the same way, the roof of the bus has been completely replaced by glass ceiling. Night and day the sky can be watched. The entire cable and electric system of the vehicle used Marine materials. The bathroom and kitchen are manufactured with yacht technology. Steel wheels were brought from the United States and all windows were replaced by colored glass.

The license has been changed to commercial trailer with a special project.   . 

 Complete glass ceiling made. Ground glass ( pool view) floor made. ABS - ASR - retarder-air conditioning is completely reset .   

The complete tiles are deep.

Complete with black tinted glass 

Bedroom and living room on the back

Kitchen ( refrigerator - deep freeze-cooker - sink - electric water dispenser - counter - microwave oven)

220 volt power socket ( in each seat)) 

Electric WC - shower - Hydrophore-macerator - 

Trousers, breeches etc. (for women) cabinets. 

500 liters of dirty water-500 liters of clean water tank-250 liters of medicated toilet water tank -

Electronic discharge-tank indicators

Internet (WiFi))

Satellite - DVD - separate control on each TV 

Complete base and ceiling special LED lighting

Electric rearview edges 

6 single seats. - Private table on each seat

Meeting room for 10 people-bedroom

Work desk ( office department) and equipments

The roof of the bus was cut off and the glass ceiling was raised.

Sea view and dried sea creatures on the ground glass pool floor was made.

His license was drawn privately at the University and approved directly by the ministry.

2 x 3-D LED TV

Fax - Printer - Computer

Generator - rectifier-8 kW special electrical system