The production of our Project Construction Ltd, which has international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates based in Turkey, is realized with CE guarantee certificate.  We are producing special project vehicles in our Ankara Center and Bodrum manufacturing factory. In our factory, we design and produce the most special event, organization, Technology, Promotion, it special design commercial vehicles in Europe and rent them all over the world. 

Our factory provides special purpose production and rental services to Turkey and many countries of the world in the desired format from information and Technology Trucks, special purpose roadshow trucks, advertising promotion and campaign trailers, mobile health and hospital dorses manufacturing to special design buses and caravans.

Our pioneer company, which has realized the firsts in the production of mobile stage and mobile dorse trucks with special projects in Turkey, is producing in our special hangars fully equipped with engineering projects.
While we are producing all kinds of special commercial vehicles, caravans, trucks, buses and containers with the latest technology in our manufacturing center, we have the strongest references in Turkey and Europe thanks to your confidence.  In addition to designing and producing the special commercial vehicle you want, we also hire you if you want.

In the bus area, we have been providing selection buses and custom designed bus manufacturing and leasing services to Turkey and all over the world for nearly 30 years.  We are proud to produce special buses in many different areas, from the most equipped ambulance buses in the world, to the Science Bus, to the Mobile Store buses.

We project from A to Z all kinds of special container projects for military and special purposes, from electronic open and grow containers. We are also proud to be the official supplier of Refugee training containers to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Goethe Institute in the production of special purpose conteys.
We have sent special production trucks, buses and commercial vehicles from Turkey to every corner of the world. Our special technological Mobile commercial vehicles have received many awards. To be worthy of this trust, we are happy to represent our country in a family company discipline and international quality principle with our employees.

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#Sience­_bus #Tehnology_bus #Promotional_bus #Medical_bus   #Campaign_bus #Manufacturing_bus #Organisation_bus #Mobile_bus #Educationa_bus l #Health_bus #Training_bus #Custom_bus #Luxury_bus #Production_bus #design_bus