Turkey's most comprehensive mobile vehicle manufacturing and Leasing Company project construction, again produces and rent the most private caravans in Turkey. We export VIP caravans and special design caravans to Europe and the world. We manufacture Turkey's largest caravans as bus caravan or trailer caravans. Mobile caravans opened on the side can be made up to 6 rooms for business and VIP purposes. 

Apart from the standard caravan, our company produces and rent mobile caravans with special purpose, which is completely customer oriented and designed according to demand.   If you wish, you can also make the Modify of your bus as a caravan. Multi-purpose ( hotel , lodging, accommodation , vip etc.) to trailer Dorse.) Caravans are designed and produced according to your wishes. 


Especially in the production of the caravans opened on the side and growing internally in Europe and in Turkey, the first ones in our organization, you definitely want to offer. Let's live your dreams. + 90.542.676 22 22